Kris Giampa Interviewed on Blizzcast #17 about Diablo 3 Sound Design

Hey there!

I was recently interviewed about Sound Design for Diablo 3 for Blizzard Entertainment’s Podcasting series Blizzcast #17! I had a great time talking a little bit about some of the Sound Design for Diablo 3 so I really hope you enjoy it too!

Watch Blizzcast #17 via the link below:


~ by Kris Giampa on April 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “Kris Giampa Interviewed on Blizzcast #17 about Diablo 3 Sound Design”

  1. Hi Kris.
    I just wanted to say that sounds in D3 are amazing. Personally I think that it is the best thing in the game. Not the graphic, not the story (LOL about female Diablo…. I bet that Leah is gonna stab herself in the head with the black soulstone ^^). Your sounds are perfect. Barbarian slashing through the hordes of enemies, all the wizards spells and DH’s shots and stuff. Just everything. Of course I have a few comments 😛
    – music is too quiet (really is… !!!!!)
    – and there is no like oldschool atmosphere (?) in your soundtrack. I am an oldschool player and all that hours that i played with D1 are unforgettable because of that soundtrack.
    Well times are different I guess. Today is all about money and I get it 😦 Damn I love that old good times whey people did great games because they had too if they wanted to sell them.
    Best regards,

  2. Really cool. Question to you Kris what sort of high frequency mic are you talking about Sanken CO-100K or something else? Just wondering.

    • Hello, the hi freq microphone you see the video is a sennheiser mkh 800.

      • Nice really cool Kris. So other question is, did you’ve used some sort of special recorder that would allow you to record such high frequencies bandwidths or did you just used regular high quality recorder or software with 32 bit floating bit rate and just used the mic to get those juicy higher range frequencies as a harmonics and to get more clarity on recordings?

  3. saw your interview ( fun to have swords in the room next door 😀 ), heard you talking about going back and forth while implementing a sound and that made me think of “creative people need an imidiate connection”
    must watch !

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